Hi! I am Marica Porter, founder of Ghost Light Consulting.

Dance is vital.  To me, to our society, our culture, our world. It teaches valuable life skills, not just steps and choreography. 

Dance adds richness and depth, pushing us to expand our perspectives, to feel.

As an industry, it is often undervalued or misunderstood.

Let’s change that!

I grew up on a farm in Missouri.  It was there that my  lifetime passion for classical ballet was first cultivated. I trained in Classical Ballet before attending Stephens College. I earned a BA in Business Administration, a BFA in Dance Performance, and a Minor in Mathematics.

“A graceful yet daring, fireball of a dancer…”

I had the honor of performing and choreographing for audiences, rural and International. I became an American Ballet Theatre® Certified Teacher.

Ballet enriched my life with beauty, grace, and endless tutus. Ingraining diligence, a solid work ethic, determination, and creativity into my work.


Throughout my dancing years, I worked as an accountant for a variety of businesses: small, corporate, non-profit, manufacturing, golf course, and dance schools.


My passion is to see dance organizations, large and small, thrive.

My experiences in dance and business offer a unique perspective to find the balance between these two distinct worlds,

bringing artistry to business and profitability to dance.



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