Dance Studio Start-up Course (Self-Guided)

You know all about dance.

You have been teaching for other studios & it is time to start your own.

You have ideas for how it can be done
better, kinder, more efficiently, or

than others are doing it.

There’s one detail that you haven’t been trained for:
the business side, the numbers.

Designed for you to take at your own pace.  Take a week to really dive all in, or spread it out over a few months.

Dance Studio Finances Course

Gain valuable insight on the health of your business.

Make clear decisions about your day-to-day operations in order to reach your goals.

Learn all about managing finances from a Business professional who spent years as a Ballet professional.

How to create a solid Business Plan for a Thriving Dance Studio

What you want.

Why you want it.

Quantifiable goals.

How will this be sustainable.

Next best steps.