5 Ways to Reduce Screentime & Get You Back in the Studio

Are you staring at a screen asking WTF?  

Numbers.  Whether it is your finances or enrollment, running a dance studio is more than 5-6-7-8.  

Spending hours at a computer trying to make sense of the numbers sucks.

I get it.  I’ve been there.

When you find yourself in this scenario – pause – take a breath, and do one of these  5 things:

Use your Checklist

When you take a look at your to-do list, are there items on the list that show up again & again?  Whether your list is handwritten or typed or in your brain.  Identify the tasks you repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly basis.  Start a checklist for those items.

Let’s look at your monthly expenses as an example.

You have some bills that are recurring but you can’t quite remember whether you paid them this month.  You go to look in your checkbook or at your online bill pay when the phone rings & you get taken to another task.  On goes your day until it’s time to go home & you remember that you never checked on payment of the electric bill…

Ugh…  you head back down the same path you started down earlier OR you say f* it – I’m goin’ home, I’ll look it up tomorrow.

Get yourself off the crazy train & spend 5 minutes creating a list of your recurring bills or expenses.

If you don’t have 5 minutes, use this one until you do.

It is simple and colorful.  Who said finances had to be boring?!? 

Will a basic spreadsheet or doc work?  Sure.

I find that I am way more inclined to actually use the checklists I create when they are visually appealing.  

When they are basic & boring, I tend to stray away from using them after a few months.

Keep in mind you are looking for long-term success in minimizing the time you spend staring at a screen.  When you take the time to create a checklist only to abandon it a few months later, what have you gained??

You can laminate your checklist or keep it in a sheet protector for use with a dry erase marker.  Hang it on the wall close to where you often pay the bills.  Use ribbon or string to keep the marker right there with it.  🙂

Refine your Template

Templates are great for those tasks that need a lot of brain-space for recollection.  Like emails, lesson plans, student evaluations, & finances.

Let’s continue with the example of Monthly Expenses.  The checklist is great for a quick-glance telling you what you have/have not paid.  Sometimes we need a little more information.  Like how much or the date you paid or whether you paid by check or credit card or what-the-heck-was-that-for.

A template like this one keeps all this information in one place.  Use it for the year, then create a new file for the new year & off you go.

Simple & clean, with some creativity.

If you use bookkeeping/accounting software, this information is available in Reports.

Put your Software to work

Adding another member to your team might seem unrealistic right now.  Put your software systems to work for you.  Computers are extremely efficient at inputting & organizing data, they even work 24/7.  Some great integrations that save time:

  • Save yourself from manual data entry. Bookkeeping software will integrate with your bank & credit card accounts, saving you hours.
  • Save yourself more time from data entry. Your Studio Management software will integrate with your Bookkeeping software.  Transferring information like Revenues & Accounts Receivables.
  • Save yourself from typing the same information over & over again.  Use templates & auto-response to answer questions about basic information.  Messenger & Email have basic options.
  • Use Social Media templates in a design software like Canva

Take a break

Take 5-15 minutes to:

  • drink some water
  • eat your favorite snack
  • get #onthemat
  • go for a walk outside. 

Think about something else for a bit, then come back with a fresh perspective.

There is plenty of information out there about why & how this works.  Researching it could be the break you need! The way you choose to take your break isn’t as important as making it effective.  Don’t let yourself get sidetracked by other tasks around the studio.

Take a true break!

Look at your options to Outsource

Outsource – a fancy word for paying someone else to do some tasks.  This doesn’t have to be big & elaborate nor expensive.  


  • Virtual Assistants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Website Designers
  • Graphic Designers

Make a list of tasks you struggle with & take way more time than you think they should.  Add to it tasks that you don’t enjoy.  These tasks are a great start to know what to outsource.  And if one professional doesn’t work out, find another one.  

A team of professionals supporting you doesn’t mean they all have to work only for you, in your studio building.

There are countless professionals available to take on small tasks at affordable rates.

Not sure how to find reliable ones?  Start with Guru.com, Indeed.com, Upwork.com, Bark.com, even Facebook or Craigslist.  Search parameters are endless.


Dance technique is “using minimal effort to create maximum results”. 

Apply the same to your office work.  Improved efficiency means less time sitting at a desk & more time applying your craft.  Not to mention a significant reduction in your stress levels.

Happy choreographing!

Need some guidance to get you started in a forward-thinking direction?  Email or message me & let’s get you there.


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